Lava is made with:

  • 6mm lava stones
  • Enclosed with Gold Zasha logo bead
  • Comes with a polished Zasha drawer box

Designed and Handmade in Hong Kong

Lava is a bold element that can be worn solo or with any stack of jewelry, adding a powerful touch to your look. 


Lava Stone Properties

Lava Rock ignites the fire within and allow your true expression to show, giving one the inner strength to overcome personal challenges. This stone has the fire power to pull you back completely while bringing you down to earth. Lava Rocks are considered a stone of rebirth. This stone emanates protection and success, allowing you to feel at home in the body and create more opportunities for yourself in the process.

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Accessories is the signature of your personality. It expresses and completes you.

ZASHA works to create unique and stunning hand-made pieces inclusive of all jewelry designs, yet remaining classic at the same time.

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