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During a summer trip to Northern Pakistan, we visited the beautiful valley of Swat, surrounded by majestic snow-capped mountains and splendid rivers. The thing which captivated us the most, aside from the breathtaking scenic views, were the gemstones of Swat. Pakistan is a significant country in the mineral world. 


The northern areas are home to magnificent minerals and major gemstones mines. Swat has reserves of 70 million carats of various types of precious gemstones. We were absolutely awed by the beauty of Swat so we decided what better way there could be to keep this mesmerizing experience and feelings alive than to carry Swat with us, on our wrist. To capture moments too big to be forgotten, in our hands. 

With this in mind and our passion for accessories, ZASHA was founded. 


Accessories is the signature of your personality. It expresses and completes you. ZASHA works to create unique and stunning pieces inclusive of all designs, yet remaining classic at the same time. We believe that style is never right or wrong, it’s a matter of expressing your true self. And style without accessories is like a jigsaw puzzle with a missing piece.



ZASHA’s ConquerTheWorld launch collection is inspired by the concept of seeking and accepting simplicity in the complexity of the world. This collection is all about embracement and discovering the power from within. Each bracelet consists of unique combinations of beads and stones which symbolizes various traits that are simple but powerful enough to surmount.


Our purpose is to remind people to embrace their prominent characteristics, and at the same time show them off because why not. From steel rings and bangles to beaded bracelets, every piece carries a special meaning and message and express charisma. The trio; Clarity, Imperium and Tenacity symbolizes all that is enough to conquer: wisdom, power and determination.


ZASHA's brand new versatile Tiger Eye Collection is made with stunning Tiger Eye beads and bold chains. The 3 powerful predators; Jaguar of the land, Cobra of the jungle and Orca of the sea are the centre symbols of this collection. Their bold hunter instincts and sharp sight is accentuated with these new collection pieces.


The collection includes both bracelets and necklaces combination representing each predator. Alluring brown Tiger Eye beads for the Jaguar gives every look a vivid touch, striking green Tiger Eye beads for Cobra adds intensity to every look and brilliant blue Tiger Eye beads for Orca represent depth and elevate richness. This mighty trio is combined with bold stainless steel chains that symbolises the predator's life chain. 

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